12  Pro Tips for Maintaining Your Business Signage 

68% of people judge the quality of a business product or service based on their signage, according to FedEx. This shows the importance of keeping your business signage well-maintained. People will get a bad impression of you seeing them in bad condition. Signs can get spoiled by weather, sunlight, pollution, or vandalism. They can fade, crack, or peel over time. It makes them unreadable and unattractive. With regular maintenance, you can solve these problems and maintain a professional look. 

Pre-Opening Signage Maintenance Tips

Signage Maintenance Tips

To ensure the longevity of your signs, you have to take steps beforehand. The following tips will help your business sign care later on. 

Use Long-Lasting Materials

Some signage is made for a long time. The wayfinding signs, pole signs, monument signs, etc. These signs help you get more exposure and bring in more customers. A FedEx survey claims that 76% of customers first visit a shop after seeing various signs. If the signs get broken, all the letters are not readable; people will find it difficult to locate you. Moreover, a sign with dust and broken areas will appear like a years-old left-over business signage. You won’t gain much benefit from them. 

Even indoor sign materials matter, too. People won’t feel comfortable or confident shopping from a business that has faded and half-visible indoor signs or window decals. Therefore, you need to choose the best materials for them. Here are some good elements for different signs:

  • Monument: Brick, stone, cast aluminium, HDU, etc. 
  • Banners: Vinyl or mesh fabric
  • Window decals: Vinyl or perforated vinyl
  • A-frames: Aluminium, PVC, and wood for stronger framing, etc. 

Consider the Weather Conditions

Weather affects signage durability. It’s important to choose materials and techniques that withstand local conditions. Weatherproofing signs ensure they stay intact and legible. 

You need to use water-resistant materials for wet climates. Vinyl and treated wood are also good choices. Try UV-resistant coatings where the sunlight is strong. It prevents fading and cracking. Windy locations require sturdy mounting systems. Secure signs with robust frames and supports. For snowy or icy areas, avoid materials that become brittle in the cold. Metal and certain plastics are suitable in such weather. You may apply waterproof coating if the weather is humid and it rains frequently. Consider awnings for extra protection. 

Sealing the edges is also effective. It prevents moisture from seeping in. If you take these steps early, your signs will need less frequent maintenance. 

Ensure Proper Installation

You need to install the signage properly. If you make mistakes in the very beginning, there can be various problems. Your banner or signs can fall or come off. This will make them dirty or unusable. 

If you are mounting an LED sign or other digital displays, make sure they are installed properly. Falling can lead to expensive repairs. But more than that, this can create a bad image of your business. People may find it both funny and unprofessional. It shows a lack of attention from your end. Error-free installation can save you from accidental repair costs. 

Hiring Experienced Companies

Business signage plays a crucial role in your marketing. They have to be durable, creative, unique, and matching to your brand. Some companies may offer you their service at a cheap price. Don’t fall for them. Your primary concern should be the quality of work. Check their previous work records and reviews. It will help you understand their abilities and working patterns. Experienced companies ensure the following qualities:

  • Unique and attractive designs
  • Sustainable product design that can withdraw local weather challenges
  • High-quality materials, and
  • They also provide consistent maintenance support after the installation

Do’s for Preventing Signage Damage

Once the signs are installed, you have to take good care of them. Incorporate the below sign longevity tips for preserving the sign aesthetic:

Dust Your Signage Regularly

Dust can accumulate on both indoor and outdoor signs. You have to dust them regularly to maintain their fresh look. Use a soft cloth or brush to remove dust. 

If people visit your shop or business area and find the signs dirty, it won’t make a good impression. Neat and clean signs make you more reliable. Food and health industries particularly need to be extra careful with their signage. 

Cleaning outdoor signs is essential, too. They bear your name and logo on the street. People don’t get to see your company there, only this signage. They are your face to strangers on the road. Clean outdoor signs appear more attractive and beautiful.  

When you dust the signs regularly, they appear shinier. It reflects your hard work, dedication, and commitment to quality. These things help you win a loyal client base. 

Wash with Cleaning Solutions

Washing from time to time is necessary. Sometimes, dust and dirt can get stubborn. They may not fall off with a cloth or dusting. You need to take the next step. And that is washing them. 

You can try dish soap and water mix for indoor signs. Here is what you need to do:

  • Turn off the sign and unplug it if it has an electrical connection.
  • Dampen a fresh and soft cloth and squeeze the excess water out of it
  • Rub the cloth in a circular motion over the signs
  • Avoid putting pressure or rubbing with force. Also, avoid touching the LED modules directly. 
  • For canvas and fabric signs, you can try machine cleaning. But confirm it from the manufacturer if they are machine washable. 

Outdoor signs are exposed to more dust and dirt. More germs accumulate on them. You had better use car shampoo on them. Car shampoo contains sodium metasilicate, sodium lauryl, ether sulphate, etc. These elements make them effective in cleaning dirt and grease. 

Regularly Inspect Software and Hardware

If you have digital displays LED or neon signs, they need both cleaning and software maintenance. They are often used as storefront signs. Inspect the software regularly. You should keep them updated and free of glitches. Check for any display issues or burnt-out LEDs. Promptly addressing these problems keeps your message clear and bright.

It looks odd when some letters are not flashing. People may take this as a hint of your lack of budget resulting from no business traffic. They may not feel interested in visiting themselves. Therefore, keeping them in good condition is crucial. You can detect the problems early with regular inspection. It saves you from spending on costly repairs. 

Conduct Regular Maintenance Inspections

Your signs can get damaged over time. You need to take prompt corrective steps. Sign repair tips include:

  • Replacing damaged parts
  • Repainting when necessary
  • Securing loose fittings
  • Fixing electrical connections, etc. 

These issues can happen from time to time. You need to solve them as soon as possible. Small issues can lead to bigger issues if not treated. Faulty electrical connections can pose risks to both employees and customers. Check all the bulbs of your LED to ensure they are working properly. Loose fittings can make the signs unstable and lead to accidents. 

Emergency Cleaning and Maintenance

Outdoor signs are open to pest and other animals. They can leave marks on your signs. It can be their nests, chewing, or droppings. These can harm the signage and cause severe damage to the material. Such items need to be cleaned quickly. When cleaning pest and rodent droppings, follow these steps:

  • Put on a pair of gloves for safety. Droppings can carry airborne diseases.
  • Spray disinfectant or vinegar with cleaning solution, depending on the sign material. Wait for a few minutes. 
  • Wipe up the area once the solution is soaked. 
  • You should also clean the entire surface with paper towels. 

Book Professional Cleaners

For major damage, you should book for professional cleaners. They provide advanced services for repairing business signs. They have the necessary signage repair tools and expertise. Professionals know what method to use for different materials. It ensures harm-free cleaning. You can also get different signboard maintenance advice from them. 

Professionals are trained in handling the cleaning process safely. Whether it’s made of acrylic, glass, or metal, they have solutions for all of them. 

Don’ts for Enhancing Signage Durability

You have to avoid doing a few things to maintain your business logos, exterior facades, and other signage maintenance. 

Using High Pressure Cleaning Machine

A high-pressure cleaning machine can produce 2000 psi or even more. Such pressure is not suitable for signage. The surfaces can get damaged. High-pressure water can cause peeling or cracking. If used from a closed distance, both windows and window decals can be harmed. 

High-pressure cleaning can also strip protective coatings from signage. It makes the signs vulnerable to weather and UV rays. This accelerates wear and reduces the lifespan of the sign. 

Whether you have vinyl banners, acrylic displays, metal sign boards, or neon signs, don’t use high pressure for keeping signs clean. The high pressure can also damage electrical connections or equipment. This can lead to serious accidents. 

Forceful Scrubbing with a Brush

You don’t need to scrub the signs with extra force for cleaning outdoor signage. This can scratch or damage delicate surfaces of acrylic, vinyl, or even glass. Forceful scrubbing may remove paint or the protective layer. You should also avoid brushes with stiff bristles. 

If the dirt gets settled in and is difficult to remove, use appropriate solutions. You can also get help from professionals. They can remove the dirt without forceful scrubbing. 

Alcohol or Industrial Cleaning Cleansers

Alcohol or industrial cleaners contain harsh chemicals. They can cause discolouration or deterioration. No acrylic or vinyl is completely alcohol resistant. Alcohol or harsh chemicals may weaken the materials and make them prone to cracking or breaking. Weaken adhesives may dissolve and cause instability of the sign. Besides, the UV coating gets thinner as well.  

Overuse of Detergent

Overusing detergent on signage can be harmful. Whether it’s dish soap or other mild detergent, you should rinse them properly. Make sure no residue remains. Excessive detergent can leave a residue. The sign may look duller because of it. Residue also attracts dirt and makes the signs look dirty quickly. 

Final Words

Regular signage maintenance is crucial to maintain the professional look of your business. You should follow a sign maintenance checklist that includes the do’s and don’ts. You can also hire Signage 4Business Group to make your business signs and maintenance. Our expert team designs attractive signs suitable for different industries. We provide regular maintenance service and ensure the signs are in their best condition. 


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June 29, 2024