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Transport and main road signage

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    Everyday on Queensland roads, millions of people depend on Transport and Main Roads signage to navigate their way, understand road laws, locate destinations, avoid hazards and stay safe on Queensland roads.

    The amount of signage we encounter on our roads and highways is vast and prolific, and the majority of these signs need to comply with strict government standards while also adhering to the local council specifications. 

    Whether you are a representative of a local or national government body or a private road and traffic contractor, we can design, manufacture and supply any static, electronic or digital signage needed, meeting all compliances required by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. 

    Our team can also produce made-to-order signage made to your unique specifications either as single custom orders or products in large volume be it for new projects or road renovation and maintenance.

    Static Signage

    Static signage is the most common form of road signage supplied. It makes up a vast majority of what is presented on our roads, and is usually uniform nationally. Types of Transport and Main Roads signage we can provide includes, but is not limited to:

    • Residential and main road identification signage
    • Speed limits, stop signs and give way signs
    • Direction and lane change indications
    • Signs for warnings and changed conditions
    • Large scale overhead signage

    We also have the capacity to manufacture signs for travel information, destination and service distances or any other signage required for effective traffic control, road conduct and safety information.

    Electronic and Digital Signage

    In recent years as technology has become more power-efficient and reliable, Queensland roads have seen a dramatic increase in electronic and digital signage. 

    We are now seeing the rise of speed signs that can change during slow and peak hour traffic times, digital estimated times of arrival, traffic and maintenance information on toll and expressways and LED in-ground pedestrian traffic lights.

    Our team can design and manufacture any electronic or digital signage required. Examples of signage we can supply can include:

    • Portable powered traffic information
    • LED speed, give way and stop signs
    • large digital overhead displays
    • LED estimated traffic times
    • Electronic pedestrian signs

    Signage4Business can also design and manufacture custom signs designed by our expert team, or supply signage made to your unique specifications.

    Local Government And Tourism Signage

    Our expert signage specialists can also provide custom signage for city, township and tourism information like:

    • Welcome and farewell signs
    • Places of interest and significance
    • Township facilities and amenities
    • Council logo and information signage

    Signage4Business are committed to the highest quality signage made with premium materials. We can work with fast turnaround times and project budgets for any government or private traffic contractors in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions.

    Contact us today to discuss your Transport and Main Roads signage supply requirements. If you would prefer to send an email, we can contact you or your department at a preferred time.