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hospital signage

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    Hospital signage is the unsung hero of every floor and ward. Without it, Hospitals would face even more challenging scenarios than they do already. 

    Whether public or private, the information displayed on hospital signage can literally present life and death situations. They give direction during emergencies, highlight ingress and egress points for patients and medical workers, define security, fire and safety points, medicine locations and many many other essential pieces of data that help to run such a critical service smoothly. 

    Our experienced team can fulfill any kind of static or electronic signage required to run such a complicated and fast-paced facility meeting all required compliance codes and standards. 

    We offer not only functional signage but also decorative signs and decals, front of house lightbox or digital signage, art decals for creches and daycare facilities or any other signage that may be required.

    External Signage

    The outside of a hospital can be as busy, confusing and crucial as the inside. There are a myriad of emergency vehicles, patients, visitors, medical professionals and other emergency service workers streaming in and out every day. 

    We can provide your hospital with a large selection of crucial external signage, including but not limited to:

    • Static, electric or digital hospital front signage
    • Car parking and traffic flow signage
    • Emergency drop off signs
    • Maps and directional information
    • Signage for emergency evacuation points

    We can customise all signage for private hospitals or facilities with unique logos and decor, as well as provide installation services.

    Internal Signage

    As previously discussed, internal signage within a hospital can be complicated and prolific. Signage needs to be clear, easy to detect and decipher, and have the durability to cope with the demands of a 24/7 medical facility.

    No matter what kind standardised or customised signage is needed the team here at Signage4Business are honoured to be able to supply all signage that could be required by Queensland hospitals in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions. 

    Examples of signage that could be used inside a hospital may include:

    • Ingress and egress points
    • Emergency exits
    • Location maps and wayfinding information
    • Reception and administration fronts
    • Amenities

    We can also provide a wide range of digital displays that can communicate vital information like call numbers, waiting times, essential staff information, health advice, or lightbox signs for advertising or further facility information.

    Supply and Installation

    Our talented team of designers and manufacturers can supply any of the exhaustive types of signage that may be required for the safe and effective running of your hospital. We can create uniformed signage for existing hospitals, or liaise with administrators and development managers on supply complete solutions for new builds and renovations. 

    There is no scale of project we can’t undertake, and we are proud to offer our services to Queensland hospi

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