7 Outdoor Advertising Signs for Small Businesses 

Small businesses often find it difficult to draw attention. You have to be creative with your marketing. Outdoor signs are an effective approach to letting people know about your brand. You have different types of signs to choose from. Incorporate a few of them so that people notice your business. Studies suggest that these signs are more effective than other media. So, ask your marketing agency to keep street-level advertising in your advertising strategies. 

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Outdoor advertising is a cost-effective approach. It does not bother or irritate anyone but draws attention in a positive way. The following are seven budget-friendly advertising signs to use out of home:

Advertising for small businesses

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are large, and outside signs are used to promote businesses. They help you capture the attention of the people passing by. This increases the visibility of your business. It’s an effective way to draw the attention of local customers. 

Positioning is quite important for billboards. You should discuss this with marketing consultants regarding this. Usually, they are placed in high-traffic areas on highways and busy streets. It spreads the existence of your brand. This eventually contributes to increasing local foot traffic. 

Window Decals

Window decals or window wraps are effective marketing tools for local business visibility. These are adhesive graphics placed on store windows. They enhance local community engagement by showcasing your brand. People who pass by get to know about your business. You can also promote special offers or events. 

You should let the work be done by professional signage companies. They have expert graphic designers for window decals. Professional looking designs can draw more attention and get more traffic in store. 

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are portable and versatile outdoor promotional signs. You can place them on sidewalks or near your entrances. They are double-sided and allow visibility from both directions. It attracts people’s attention and also gives them vital information. They get to know about your business in a few seconds. 

A-frame signs are cost-effective signage solutions for small businesses. They are quite affordable, and you can use them regularly. These signs are easy to set up and take down. Their durability makes them effective for a long time. With proper care, you can use these signs for multiple years. Another benefit is that you can carry them to nearby events. It’s a great idea to promote your business to the attending crowd. 

Effective outdoor signs

Pole Signages

You can guess it from the name. These signs are mounted on tall poles. Unlike A-frames, they are stationary. You can place them near roads, parking lots, and business entrances. These signs are ideal for small business marketing as they attract both drivers and pedestrians. 

However, you must follow the signage guidelines of the city councils. Make sure they are not doing any of the following:

  • Blocking traffic signals or road signs
  • Exceeding the permitted height limit
  • Causing light pollution or violating zoning laws, etc. 

Feather Signs

Feather signs are tall, lightweight banners with a feather-like shape.  They are placed on poles and can sway with the wind. This draws the public’s attention and encourages them to read the message. Other benefits of feather signs include:

  • These signs are tall and eye-catching. People can notice them from a distance.
  • Feather signs are portable. They are easy to install and remove. 
  • If made with a budget, they are durable and can withstand various weather conditions. 
  • The cost for feather signs is budget-friendly for small businesses. 

Ground Signs

Ground signs are placed directly on the ground. These signs are mostly used near entrances, along pathways, or in landscaped areas. They are effective for providing information, directions, or promotions. 

You should check with QBCC for any signage restrictions and other regulations. Sometimes, you may have to take permission. Determine the best location for maximum visibility. However, make sure your sign is not obstructing pathways or views. You must have a contract or agreement if the sign is mounted on others’ property. 

Since they are independent and detached from any building, people notice them more often. Sometimes, they become so popular that people may know the place by the sign. It will be a great branding for you.  Make sure the sign is made with durable elements, such as acrylic, metal, wood, etc. It will provide you with lasting advertising benefits. 

Blade Signs

Blade signs are almost similar to pole signs. The major difference is that they are not mounted on poles. Instead, these small, narrow, and vertical signs are mounted to the building facade. These signs serve multiple purposes, such as:

  • Advertising your business name to pedestrians
  • Helping people find out about your business or shop from a distance
  • Increasing the aesthetic of the building or your shop, etc. 

Final Thought

Outdoor advertising signs are still quite useful even in this digital era. These signs promote brand awareness, events and offers. They are cost-effective and quite affordable for small businesses. You should contact experienced signage manufacturers for the perfect sign development. Signage 4Business Group has been in service for over 20 years across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast. Our team of professionals can design and develop the perfect outdoor advertising signs.  They will be attractive, durable, and a growth factor for your business. 


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June 12, 2024